Headshot of David Southwood - Solicitor at Everingham Solomons TamworthWhen you do a job, you rightly expect to be paid. Sadly, we often see clients that are chasing money for work they have done.

However, there are many things that can be done when you initially engage a client to reduce the risk that they will not pay you in the future. Similarly, in the event you are not paid, there are early steps that can be taken that will make pursuing the debt easier. Some things to consider when engaging a new client include the following:

  • Client Details: Make sure you correctly identify who your client is and ensure you have accurate details for the client. For example, are you dealing with a person or their company? Doing this will avoid a debate as to who is liable to pay you in the future and make pursuing them easier.
  • Security: If you have standard terms and conditions, you should include a clause whereby the client grants you security over their assets to secure payments due to you. If a client is concerned you can access their assets, this will increase the chance of them paying you to avoid this from happening.
  • Guarantors: Getting multiple people or entities to guarantee a debt will allow you to pursue them in the event that your client fails to pay you. In particular, if you are dealing with a company, it is wise to have another person, such as a director of the company, to personally guarantee payments due to you. This is because a company may not have any assets. Accordingly, if a company fails to pay you, when you pursue the company they may not have any assets to repay the debt to you. In comparison, a person will often have assets in their own name, such as houses, vehicles and other personal property.

At Everingham Solomons Solicitors, we can assist with ensuring your client intake process and contracting terms provide you with maximum protection. And, in the event you are still not paid, we have deep experience in debt recovery, as Helping You is Our Business.

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