Wills & Estates

Protecting your most valuable possessions

When you work hard to build your assets, it makes sense to take the same care in ensuring your loved ones benefit when you are gone. By having a plan now, regardless of your stage in life, you make sure your estate ends up in the right hands.

Everingham Solomons solicitors specialise in wills and estates and will work with you to ensure every step of the planning process is smooth.



Making a will is a relatively simple process, and it is easy to keep updated – your will should be prepared now, just in case.


Power of Attorney

Another important decision is whether to appoint a power of attorney. If you are incapacitated, it can be a slow and complex process to appoint someone to help manage your affairs. By arranging this now, you can avoid difficulties later.



Careful planning ensures your estate is distributed to your beneficiaries the way you wish. It is more than simply making a will; there could be taxation and financial management implications.


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