Law Bursary

Each year, Everingham Solomons offers a Tamworth, Gunnedah, Manilla or Quirindi Year 12 student wishing to undertake university study in law the opportunity to receive a Bursary funded by this firm.

The Sir Adrian Solomons Memorial Law Bursary was first granted in 1998. It provides financial assistance for the successful applicant during their first year as well as an opportunity to gain valuable work experience in our offices periodically throughout the duration of their studies.

Each year, the Principals of local High Schools are contacted and advised of the details. Interested students can then liaise with the Principal or Careers Advisor of their school, who will assist them in making a formal application for this Bursary.

The selection process does not depend solely on academic merit. We appreciate that students come from a variety of backgrounds and accordingly the selection process concentrates on the attributes of the student as a whole, rather than merely academic achievement.

Previous recipients:
  • Daniel Daley (Oxley High School)
  • Laura Daley (Oxley High School)
  • Sheree Cadman (McCarthy Catholic College)
  • Kate Biffin (Calrossy School)
  • Rebecca Greenland (Calrossy School)
  • Kcasey McLoughlin (Calrossy School)
  • Jarrad Smith (Farrer Memorial Agricultural High)
  • Clint Coles (Farrer Memorial Agricultural High)
  • Tahlia Stewart (Quirindi High School)
  • Miriam Hicks (Quirindi High School)
  • Emma Greenland (Calrossy School)
  • Nathan Whale (Farrer Memorial Agricultural High)
  • Georgia Good (Oxley High School)
  • Kate Falkenmire (Oxley High School)
  • Claire Annis-Brown (McCarthy Catholic College)
  • Thomas Burke (Calrossy School)
  • Riley Bomford (Calrossy School)
  • Isabella Clapham (Oxley High School)

  • Hayley Johnson (Peel High School)
  • Abigail Taggart (McCarthy Catholic College

Recipient of the Bursary will receive:
  • 2 weeks per year paid work experience in the offices of Everingham Solomons.
  • $1,500 to go towards tuition fees or books.
  • The successful Applicant’s School will receive an immediate cash donation of  $1,000 and a plaque commemorating the student’s success in the bursary program.

You must be intending to enrol in a Bachelor of Law Degree and subsequently commence study.

How to apply?

Contact your Principal or Careers Advisor who will assist you in making an application or email enclosing a letter of application and a copy of your resume (noting contact details including mobile phone number and email address). Applications close 10 January 2024.