Corporations and their Governance

TRCompanies formed after 1 July 1998 can have a simple set of rules known as “a Constitution” in place of what was previously called “Memorandum and Articles of Association”.

If a proprietary company does not adopt a Constitution, they will be automatically governed by the Replaceable Rules as outlined in the Corporations Act 2001.

Most companies have a Constitution which is drawn up prior to the registration of the company. The Constitution has the effect of a contract between:

  • the company and each shareholder;
  • the company and each director;
  • the company and the company’s secretary;
  • a shareholder and each other shareholder.
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What’s in A Name – Part 3

KJSbwIn previous articles we looked at Business Name and Trade Mark registration.

With online business becoming more important everyday, more and more businesses are looking to also register domain names that are capable of being easily identified with their business.

A domain name is simply a textual address for a location on the internet. An internet address with  “.au” at the end, indicates that it is registered in Australia and part of the .au domain space regulated by the Australian Domain Name Administrator (commonly referred to as the “auDA”).

Once you’ve chosen the domain name you want to use, registration is through one of the organisations accredited by auDA for that purpose.… Read More