Damages Under Commercial Leases – Part II

<CCLast week we looked at a landlords rights under a commercial lease where the tenant left the property and stopped making rental payments mid way through a lease.

Our firm brought the matter before the Tamworth Local Court before the lease term expired.

In short there were three periods in which the court had to consider the landlord’s right to damages under the lease.  To recap they were as follows:

  1. the time between the tenant ceasing to make rental payments and surrendering the keys;
  2. the time between the tenant surrendering the keys and the date the matter was brought before the court; and
  3. the time between the court date and the end of the lease which was not due to expire for a further six months.
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The Employment Contract Checklist

jmhMany employers use employment contracts that are out-dated, or may not have employment contracts for their staff at all. Are the employment contracts your business uses up to scratch?

Employers need to ensure their employment contracts comply with the current legal requirements. This means contracts need to be compliant with the National Employment Standards and the applicable Modern Award.

The National Employment Standards provide for minimum entitlements, such as hours of work, leave entitlements, flexible working arrangements and more.

For example, Business Pty Ltd is employing a new full-time administrative assistant. All Business Pty Ltd’s full-time staff work a 40 hour week.… Read More