Headshot of Sarah Rayner - Solicitor at Everingham Solomons TamworthRecently, the Federal Government announced a permanent Australian-wide firearms amnesty, commencing on 1 July 2021. The amnesty will allow a person to produce illegal or unregistered firearm or firearm related item for registration, sale or destruction without penalty. The process of producing firearms for sale or destruction, can be done anonymously.

Items for surrender can be produced to your Local Police station or to a participating licenced firearms dealer.

Should you wish to surrender a firearm or related item/s for destruction, there is no cost to do so.

There is also the option to surrender your firearm with the view to registering it and adding it to your licence. This can be done at the Police station or at a licenced firearms dealer as well. There are some fees that are associated with this including registration fees and fees for a replacement (once updated) licence. There is no guarantee that the firearm can be registered, but the Police or your firearms dealer can provide further details on the requirements.

You may also be able to enter into a private sale arrangement to sell the firearm to a Licenced Firearms dealer. This will have to be negotiated between the dealer and yourself, but the amnesty makes provisions for this.

The Police and registered dealers will also accept the surrender of any registered firearms that are no longer required or wanted.

Don’t forget to book in for an appointment in advance with the Police or firearms dealer, because if you get caught with the unregistered firearms, fines and penalties will apply!
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