NKW-booksAs of Monday 20 November 2017 changes to the Graduated Licensing Scheme (the process you go through from learner to fully licensed driver) are being implemented for new licence holders.

These changes only apply to new licence holders, being people applying for a new category of licence after 20 November 2017.

For new licence holders after 20 November 2017, there are 3 major changes:

1. Hazard Perception Test

The Hazard Perception Test (“HPT”) is a computer based test that measures a driver’s ability to recognise potentially dangerous situations and respond appropriately. Currently Provisional P1 (red) licence holders must pass the HPT to progress to a Provisional P2 (green) licence. As of 20 November 2017 Learner Drivers will need to pass the HPT before they are eligible to undertake a driving test.

2. Driver Qualification Test

The Driver Qualification Test (DQT) is a two part computer based test that assess a driver’s knowledge of the road rules and a driver’s ability to recognise and respond to hazards. Currently Provisional P2 licence holders must pass the DQT to progress to a full licence.  On 20 November 2017 the DQT will be abolished for new licence holders.

3. Extension of Licensing Period for Suspended Drivers

A driver must hold a Provisional P2 licence for a period of 2 years before they are eligible for a full licence. Under the new scheme, drivers will not have to undergo any further testing at this stage however they will only be eligible for a full licence if they have not committed an offence resulting in suspension. Where a Provisional P2 driver receives a demerit point suspension, or has their licence suspended for unsafe driving, they will remain a provisional driver for an extra 6 months for every suspension they receive.

All existing Licence conditions and restrictions for learner and provisional drivers (eg. speed limits, probation on driving high powered vehicles; peer passenger restriction; zero blood alcohol limit; prohibition on using a mobile phone while driving; and displaying plates on the front and rear of the vehicle) remain in force.

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