NKW-booksAppointing someone as your guardian does not mean handing over your decision making power.

By creating an enduring guardianship you are protecting your interests, not purchasing a one way ticket to a nursing home.

An Appointment of Enduring Guardian only comes into effect if you reach a point where you are unable to make health and lifestyle related decisions for yourself. While ever you have capacity, you decide where you live and what medical treatment you receive. Your guardian only starts making health and lifestyle decisions on your behalf in the event you lose mental capacity that is, you are not of sound mind or understanding to make those decisions for yourself.

If you have any doubts whatsoever that your family members will act contrary to your best interest, then you need an Appointment of Enduring Guardian that appoints someone who will respect your wishes and do only what is best for you in the circumstances.

If you have specific wishes about where you live or what services you receive in the unfortunate event that you lose mental capacity, you need an Appointment of Enduring Guardian.

If you are opposed to undergoing a certain medical procedure for example blood transfusions, or receiving certain medical treatment, for example, being administered morphine, you need an Appointment of Enduring Guardian.

The friendly solicitors at Everingham Solomons have the knowledge and experience to assist you in appointing a guardian because Helping You is Our Business

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