CCThere are a few circumstances in which the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS), or Road Transport Authority as they used to be called, can decide to suspend your driver’s licence.

These are the types of suspensions in which you receive a letter from the RMS in the mail, not the type where your licence is confiscated by a police officer.

Sometimes the decision of the RMS may appear to you to be harsh however, there may be good grounds for you to apply to the court to overturn it and have your licence suspension lifted.

The relevant provisions differentiate between provisional drivers, or P-platers and full licence holders.

For full licence holders, the RMS will likely suspend your licence if you are driving faster than 30km/hour over the speed limit.  This is one type of decision that can be appealed in the Local Court.

If you are a P-plater the RMS will also suspend your licence if you are travelling faster than 30km/hour above the speed limit, but they will also suspend your licence if you exceed your demerit points quota.

A P-plater has as few as four demerit points, which can easily be exceeded by a relatively minor offence during a double demerit point period.

In the country being able to drive is very important.  Having your licence suspended can have a devastating effect on your employment and on your family.  In certain circumstances it may be well worthwhile appealing the RMS’s decision to suspend your licence.

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