TJBWe are pleased to announce that the 2011 bursary recipient is local student Nathan Whale. Nathan completed Year 12 at Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School in 2010 and then undertook a gap year. This is the third time a student from Farrer has been awarded the Bursary.

Nathan has enrolled in a Bachelor of Business Information Systems – Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of Wollongong. We are very confident that he will prove to be an outstanding student and, ultimately, an exceptional asset to the legal community.

The continued interest shown in the Sir Adrian Solomons Memorial Bursary by Higher School Certificate students from our local schools has been extensive and the quality of the applicants every year has made the selection process very difficult indeed.

This firm has, over the last 14 years, offered an annual bursary for local high school students completing their Higher School Certificate and securing admission to a tertiary facility to pursue a career in Law.

To encourage our youth in this way has been most rewarding for this firm. We  continue to be astounded by the quality of applicants, their range of interests and their enthusiasm and motivation to achieve. Such qualities in these young people reflects well on our local High Schools.

Students currently contemplating a career in Law who are sitting for the Higher School Certificate this year are encouraged to make an application for the Bursary by submitting their curriculum vitae to this firm prior to 30 November 2012. We will contact the Schools later in the year to arrange for this opportunity to be raised with interested students.

Everingham Solomons are proud to provide this opportunity for local students and look forward each year to the time when the successful recipients join us for some practical experience in the firms offices.

Congratulations Nathan. We are, as I am sure your family and your School are, very proud to see you awarded the 2011 Sir Adrian Solomons Memorial Law Bursary.

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