KJSbwThe Law Society of New South Wales operates the Specialist Accreditation Scheme to help the general public find Solicitors who have proven expertise in particular areas of the law.

Before gaining accreditation a Solicitor seeking Specialist Accreditation must pass rigorous assessments in communication, problem solving, client relations and the law in the relevant area.

A successful applicant for Specialist Accreditation is also required to commit to ongoing mandatory continuing legal education in the specialty area which means that the Specialist must undertake twice the mandatory continuing legal education of a non-accredited Solicitor.

In the end result, people dealing with Accredited Specialists can be confident that they are dealing with a person of proven expertise in the particular field who is also required to continually update and maintain their skills.

The Specialist Accreditation Scheme commenced in 1992 and has been actively supported by Everingham Solomons since that time. At one stage Everingham Solomons was the only firm in New South Wales of more than four Principals where all the Principals were Accredited Specialists in various areas of the law.

With that background, the Directors of Everingham Solomons are very pleased to announce that Jennifer Blissett has been awarded accreditation in the area of Family Law. Jennifer becomes the sixth of the current solicitors of Everingham Solomons to achieve Specialist Accreditation.

Jennifer joined Everingham Solomons in 1999 and is the Director in charge of the firm’s Family Law section. She practices extensively in the areas of-

  • Property division and settlements
  • Parenting issues
  • Care arrangements for children
  • Divorce
  • De facto relationships
  • Child support
  • Spousal maintenance

At Everingham Solomons we can offer a range of Accredited Specialists to meet your specific legal needs.

Because Helping You is Our Business.

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