It was announced that as at 28 November 2022, the Land and Environment Court of NSW will be revoking its COVID 19 policies resulting in hearings and Court attendances back to being conducted in person.

During the COVID 19 pandemic NSW Courts switched to Audio Visual Link (AVL) methods to conduct trials and court attendances to limit contact, however they have slowly been transitioning back toward usual pre-pandemic practice.

Most branches of the Local, District, Supreme and Federal Courts have already repealed their COVID policies and have made the transition back to in person attendances and the remaining NSW Courts are sure to follow soon.

In accordance with pre-pandemic procedures, a party can request to attend Court by AVL, however this needs to be approved by the Registrar of that Court.

There does appear to be some beneficial changes that were driven by the pandemic, which will overall make the Court systems easier to navigate with less attendances being required including submission of Orders being conducted online.

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