Headshot of Jessica Wadwell - Conveyancer at Everingham Solomons TamworthPreparing a Will may seem daunting, but it is important that you put in place a Will that reflects your wishes, and to reduce the burden on your family and loved ones when you die.

To alleviate some of your stress, this article provides a brief overview of what to expect at your first appointment with us.  The appointment is usually in person as it is important instructions are received from you personally.  This allows us to have a conversation with you to ascertain details to help us prepare your Will, such as:

  • Personal details including identification, contact details and occupation.
  • Whether you have a current Will.
  • Details of family and other relationships i.e. spouse/de facto, children, stepchildren, dependents and former spouses.
  • Particulars of assets both solely and jointly held i.e. real property, bank accounts, shares and motor vehicles.
  • Particulars of liabilities i.e. mortgages and loans.
  • Superannuation information including any binding or non-binding nominations.

We will discuss with you who you would like appointed under your Will and how you would like your assets to be distributed to beneficiaries upon your death, such as:

  • Who you would like to appoint as your executor(s).
  • If you have infant children, who you would like to appoint as guardian(s).
  • Specific gifts to any beneficiaries.
  • Who the residue of your Estate is to be distributed to.
  • Substitute beneficiaries to cover the event of beneficiaries predeceasing you.

Depending upon how you wish your assets to be distributed, further discussions may be required regarding family provision issues.  For instance, people who may be entitled to make a claim on your Estate on the basis that adequate provision has not been made for them under your Will.

We will also discuss other estate planning documents such as Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardian which operate during your lifetime.  These documents permit you to appoint another person to make financial, and medical and lifestyle decisions on your behalf should you be unable to do so.

Once instructions are obtained for the preparation of your Will, our appointment is usually concluded.  A draft Will is then prepared and submitted to you for your approval, and a further appointment is scheduled for reviewing and signing of your Will.

At Everingham Solomons we have the expertise and experience to assist you with all your estate planning needs, because Helping You is Our Business.

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