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If you are a tenant, you need to understand how you can use the leased premises when entering into a commercial or retail lease. For example, you may intend to use the premises as a restaurant or as a bookstore in Tamworth. How you can use the lease premises is negotiated and agreed before you enter into the lease and is provided in the “permitted use” clause of the commercial or retail lease.

The permitted use clause should accurately describe how you intend to use the premises during the lease term, including what you will be doing on the premises now and in the future, and any products or services you will manufacture or sell on the premises. The permitted use clause, even just a few words, is an important commercial term in the lease.

First of all, the permitted use has an impact on the future of the tenant’s business. A broader description of the permitted use is preferred as it will allow a range of activities to be carried out. A narrow description may restrict the tenant’s ability to expand the business. Therefore, tenants need to consider if the permitted use is broad enough to adequately cover their core business and any ancillary activities.

Secondly, tenants should consider the ability to transfer the lease to a third party. A highly restrictive permitted use may affect the tenant’s ability to assign the lease if the landlord is not willing to consent to a change to the permitted use. This is particularly relevant if the tenant intends to sell the business. A broad description of permitted use in the lease would make it easier to find a purchaser of the business.

Lastly, permitted use is closely related to the development approval. Before entering into the lease, tenants should research and enquire about whether the premises are suitable for their intended use and ascertain whether their intended use is permitted on the premises. If the intended use of the premises has not been approved by the council, the tenant will need to lodge an application and obtain the development approval from the council.

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