Headshot of Jessica Wadwell - Conveyancer at Everingham Solomons TamworthFrom 11 October 2021, all paper Certificates of Title for land in NSW will be cancelled and converted to electronic Certificates of Title.

What does this mean for me as a landowner?

1. If you hold a paper Certificate of Title, that paper title will be cancelled.
2. Those who pay off their mortgage will not receive a paper title.
3. A cash purchaser of land will not receive a paper title following settlement.
4. When a parcel of land is subdivided, consolidated or in any other way created, a paper title will not be issued for that new parcel of land.

Don’t panic! The cancellation of your paper Certificate of Title will not change the ownership of your land.

The Torrens Title Register is the primary register for land held in NSW. This register records land ownership and will continue to be the primary source recording a person’s interest or estate in land in NSW.

The purpose of the cancellation of paper Certificates of Title is in line with the Registrar General’s transition to 100% electronic Conveyancing.

Whilst most dealings with land registered on the Torrens Title Register must already be lodged electronically by a subscriber i.e. solicitor or conveyancer, once this transition is complete, all documents must be lodged electronically by a subscriber.

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