With the COVID-19 restrictions lightening in time for the silly season, and people are frantically organising household gatherings we would be remiss if we didn’t remind you that you have neighbours!

Yes I know you probably know that, but as the holidays are celebrated, it’s a timely reminder that noise restrictions still apply during this time.

Noise restrictions apply to all types of noise but probably most relevant for the festivities is those carols and other tunes we all love to hate. This includes musical instruments.

So how loud is too loud? Essentially, if it can be heard in your neighbour’s house, it is noise that is restricted.

Music is allowed but must not be heard between the following times:

1. Friday, Saturday and any public holiday’s eve between midnight and 8am.
2. Any other day between 10pm and 8am.

The other thing to be mindful this time of the year is with respect to garden equipment and power tools. With the gardens needing to be in tip top shape for the relatives but it’s also 40⁰ during the day, the urge to get up at the crack of dawn is tempting. But this kind of noise is also restricted and cannot be heard between the following times:

1. Sunday and public holidays 8pm- 8am.
2. Any other day 8pm and 7am.

Other noise restrictions apply such as, alarms, noises made by cars (except general coming and going) and air conditioners.

Fines do apply for breach of Noise restrictions and can be given out by Police as well as your local Council.

If you can’t keep those singing voices in check over the holiday break Everingham Solomons has experienced Solicitors on deck because Helping You is Our Business.

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