After more than 100,000 NSW drivers being found to be illegally using their mobile phone during a recent pilot period of 6 months, the NSW government has now implemented Mobile Detection Cameras statewide.

The detection camera systems use technology which captures the front row cabin space of the vehicle to detect illegal phone use.

So perhaps a refresher of what is a legal use of a mobile while drive may assist.
An unrestricted driver is allowed to do the following while driving:

– Make or receive a call, however you must have the phone secured in a cradle or be able to use the phone without touching it.
– Use music or audio functions, however you must have the phone secured in a cradle or be able to use the phone without touching it.
– Use as a drivers aid ie: Navigation, but your phone must be secured in a cradle which is fixed to the vehicle.

If you are a learner or provisional driver, it is illegal to use your phone at all while driving.

With the recent developments in technology, there are also some recent changes and clarifications regarding phone use while driving.

All drivers are now allowed to use their phone to access their digital driver’s licence, however only if a Police officer directs you to do so.

In addition, drivers are allowed to use their phones to pay for things or complete transactions, but only in circumstances where the car is stationary and you are off the road. You are considered to be off road if you are in a driveway, carpark or in a drive through. So yes, you can pay for that Happy Meal using your phone!

Drivers found to be using their mobile phones illegally will be penalised five demerit points and a fine of $344. As an added incentive to be safe around our little ones, the fine for illegally using your phone while driving in a school zone is $457.00 and you will cop those five demerit points too.

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