So you have sold your house and moving to a new property, who do I need to notify?

First, you should contact Australia Post and complete the mail redirection form to have any mail redirected to your new address. This redirection can be for a period of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. You also need to ensure everyone in the household will be covered under the redirection form.

Some government departments like Roads & Maritime Services and the Firearms Registry have requirements that you need to advise them within 14 days of your change of address.

The other organisations/businesses you need to advise of your change of address are:-

• Roads & Maritime Services for your driver’s licence, vehicle/trailer/caravan and boat registrations
• Firearms Registry
• Services Australia: – Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support Agency
• Department of Veterans’ Affairs
• Australian Taxation Office
• Electoral Commission
• Recreational Fishing Licence

• Bank/Credit Union/Financial Institution
• Insurance providers
• Company Share registries
• Tradesperson/professional licence i.e. plumber/builder and real estate agent/conveyancer
• Accountant/Financial Advisor
• Solicitor
• Superannuation Fund
• Childcare/School/Tertiary
• Utilities e.g. Electricity/Telephone/Water/Gas/Council rates
• Pet Registration

• Doctor/Dentist/Optomerists/Podiatrist/Physiotherapist/Chiropractor etc
• Private Health Insurance
• Pap Test registry
• DonateLife

• Magazine subscriptions
• E-toll provider
• Seniors Card
• Internet provider
• Pay TV/Netflix etc
• Loyalty/Reward cards
• Gym
• Family and friends

Most of the above organisations/businesses can be updated online or some you may need to physically attend and provide an identification document. Don’t forget that it is also essential that you contact the above organisation/businesses if you receive a new email address or mobile phone number.At Everingham Solomons we have the experience and expertise to assist you because Helping You is Our Business.

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