Land tax is levied by NSW Government on 31 December each year on all property you own that is above the land tax threshold.

Generally, you don’t pay land tax on your home, known as your principal place of residence or your farm, known as primary production land. There are further exemptions which cannot be dealt with in this article.

You pay tax based on the combined value of all taxable land you own, not on each individual property. If the combined value of your land does not exceed the threshold, no land tax is payable.

For 2020 tax year, the general threshold is $734,000.

Land tax is now able to be paid online. Property owners can easily register by visiting the land tax online portal and entering the Correspondence ID and Client ID found on their 2019 Notice of Assessment. If these details have not been received before, there is a pre-registration page on Revenue NSW website.

Once the online registration has been confirmed, property owners can opt-in to receive their future Notice of Assessment via email as well as:-

  • Lodge a return, request an exemption or make any changes to property details
  • View a summary of the assessment notice and account balance
  • Use the online calculator to estimate the amount of land tax liability
  • View or update contact details and foreign person status
  • Send documents to support an application, or in relation to a query
  • View an online service history summary
  • View land holdings and any exemptions
  • Track requests

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