Your payments to contractors may be subject to payroll tax if the worker is considered as an employee. The NSW Revenue considers a wide range of factors to determine whether a worker is an employee or contractor for payroll tax purposes. Even if a worker is identified as a contractor rather than an employee, your payments to the contractor may still be taxable for payroll tax purposes if a ‘relevant contract’ exists.

According to the Payroll Tax Act 2007 (“Act”), a ‘relevant contract’ is any kind of arrangement where you:
– supply services;
– are supplied with services; or
– give out goods for re-supply after work has been performed in relation to goods.

If your arrangement with contractors is identified as a ‘relevant contract’, your payments to contractors are deemed to be wages, which are subject to payroll tax.

There are some exemptions to the rule relating to ‘relevant contract’:
• The main purpose of a contract is to supply goods, and the services provided by the contractor are only ancillary to the main purpose.
• The services obtained from the contractor are not ordinarily required by your business and the contractor provides the same type of services to the general public.
• Your business ordinarily requires a specific type of service for less than 180 days in a financial year.
• The contractor provides the same or similar services to your business for less than 90 days in a financial year.
• There are certain services approved by the Commissioner as exempt.
• The contractor engages two or more workers to provide the contracted services to your business.
• The services provided by the contractor are incidental to the transportation and delivery of goods by means of a vehicle provided by the contractor.

If no exemption applies, you may still be able to claim a deduction for the non-labour component of the payments where the contractor provides materials and/or equipment.

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