Its my great pleasure to introduce Ya Zhang, who recently joined the team at Everingham Solomons with a most impressive and unique experience.

Ya completed her undergraduate qualifications in law in China.  She was then admitted to practice as a lawyer in 2007.

For many years she worked from the Beijing and Shanghai offices of one of world’s largest law firms, primarily in their corporate and commercial law teams.

Ya then moved to the US where she obtained a masters degree in law from the Cornell Law School and shortly thereafter fulfilled the rigorous requirements entitling her to practice at the prestigious New York Bar.

Ya moved to Australia with her family in 2014 and is currently undertaking the Juris Doctor program through the University of Southern Queensland.  Prior to coming to Tamworth, Ya worked in a specialist commercial law firm on the Gold Coast.

Ya speaks English and Mandarin and is excited by the opportunities of working in a vibrant regional centre.

Ya is a most welcome addition to the business law team at Everingham Solomons and brings to it an enormous amount of experience in very complex corporate and commercial dealings.  Ya has a special interest in foreign investment, migration, corporate governance, restructuring, tax and business mergers.

If you require assistance with any commercial law enquiries, please contact Everingham Solomons because Helping You is Our Business.

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