MKG-newThis ANZAC Day you can play Two-Up in the region safe in the knowledge that you are not breaking the law.

In June 1998 the Minister for Racing introduced into the NSW Parliament ‘The Gambling (Two-Up) Act 1998 (NSW)’.

This Act allows people in NSW to play two-up on ANZAC Day or any other designated commemorative day.  Other designated Commemorative Days include Victory in the Pacific (15 August) and Remembrance Day (11 November) after 12.00 noon (presumably to ensure that the minute silence is not interrupted by exuberant punters).

If however you travel north into Queensland and join a game of two-up you will be breaking that State’s laws.

Insofar as the history of the law and two-up is concerned, prior to 1989 it was illegal to play two-up in NSW.  In that year the Gaming & Betting (Two-Up) Amendment Act allowed two-up to be played on ANZAC Day.  In 1992 there was a further amendment to allow two-up to be played all year round in Broken Hill.  When the 1998 Act was introduced section 9 of that Act provides that certain areas in Broken Hill may hold games of two-up on the basis that it is organised by Council or the Broken Hill Council has approved the venue for the game to be held.

The 1998 Act requires that the games that are played on ANZAC Day are on a not for profit basis or if it is in a club no entrance fee is to be charged.  Clubs that host the game and receive some monies must donate all proceeds to charity.

So this ANZAC Day, for all those taking a plunge in the region, good luck and come in spinner!

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