ATHRetail Leases are covered by the Retail Leases Act 1994 (‘The Act’). The Act sets out a number of requirements that Landlords must follow when a Retail Lease is prepared, to ensure that the Lease is enforceable against a Tenant. They include:-

  1. A Landlord must not advertise a retail shop for lease unless he has a copy of the proposed Lease in his possession.  Maximum penalty for Landlords = $5,500.00.
  2. A Landlord must make a copy of the proposed Lease as well as a copy of a Retail Tenancy Guide available to prospective Tenants as soon as negotiations are entered into. Maximum penalty for Landlords = $5,500.00.
  3. A copy of a Lessor’s Disclosure Statement (LDS) must be provided to a Tenant at least 7 days before the Lease is entered into.   If a Tenant does not receive a LDS within this time frame, or if the LDS is incomplete or contains information that is materially false or misleading, the Tenant may terminate the Lease at any time within 6 months after  the Lease was entered into (unless a permitted exception applies). Landlords should further note that any requirement for a Tenant to contribute towards the Landlord’s cost of any finishes, fittings etc. is not enforceable if it is not disclosed in the LDS.
  4. If a Landlord requires a particular standard of fit-out to be carried out by a Tenant, the relevant information relating to the standard required must be contained in a Tenancy Fit-Out Statement and provided to a Tenant at the same time as the Lessor’s Disclosure Statement, or included in the Lease itself.

A Tenant is not obligated to carry any of the Landlord’s fit-out requirements if they are not contained in a Tenancy Fit-Out Statement.

It is not good enough to simply have all of the Lease terms and conditions contained in the Lease itself.

To ensure that a Retail Lease is enforceable against a Tenant, a Landlord must ensure that all procedures prescribed by The Act are followed and that all required documents are provided.

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