KXBbwHello, my name is Keiran Breckenridge. I started with Everingham Solomons about a month ago in the role of Special Counsel. Before joining Everingham Solomons, I worked for another firm in the region for two years and, before that, I worked in Sydney at a couple of mid-sized commercial law firms. My family and I made our ‘tree change’ over three and half years ago, and we are all very happy to live, work and learn in this beautiful part of the world.

I have been admitted as a solicitor for over 17 years now. My practice is mainly in the commercial / business law field with particular focus on commercial disputes and insolvency law and practice. I am also assisting Everingham Solomons’ clients with their employment law needs. Each of these practice areas involves complex, challenging and emotional issues. After all, nobody in business likes being involved in a dispute with a customer, a supplier or a joint venture partner. So many people are impacted, both emotionally and financially, when businesses and individuals find themselves in financial difficulty. Everyone at home and at work is affected when an unfair dismissal occurs, someone is bullied or discriminated against, or it becomes necessary to lay people off. My job is to work with our clients when they find themselves in such situations and help find fast, commercially sensible and cost effective solutions. Sometimes we have to take up the fight for our clients. When that occurs, I am able to draw on years of experience in the various courts and tribunals in New South Wales and in the federal jurisdictions.

Outside work, my wife and I try to keep up with our daughters’ activities. Yes, the usual – basketball, then netball, then swimming, then hockey, the flute, double bass and so on. But I also play in an over 35s hockey competition myself, follow the league and the union (and any other sport really), try my hand at some DIY, and manage a vege patch and some chooks.

I am proud to now work for Everingham Solomons. Our firm has invested wisely in excellent people, systems and processes, which lets our lawyers focus on the needs of our clients and getting the job done. I amalready enjoying being part of the team.

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