TJBThe Directors and staff are delighted with their success at the recent New England and North West Business Chamber Awards having now become a State Finalist for Excellence in Business Ethics.

Whilst historically Everingham Solomons and its predecessors have delivered legal services in the New England and North West for in excess of 140 years it has strived to be the best.  However the manner in which those services are delivered has always assumed paramount importance.

Since well before the inception of “specialisation” as sanctioned by the Law Society of New South Wales in the 1990’s, Everingham Solomons has embraced the need to specialise.  This firm has been acknowledged to have more Accredited Specialists than any other firm outside the metropolitan areas.  To provide client services with a level of legal specialisation has assumed substantial importance with numerous of our Solicitors having completed Masters of Law Programs as well as becoming Accredited Specialist in the areas of Law in which they are passionate.

To be accepted by our clients as trusted advisors has long been a core value of this firm.  To have this formally acknowledged brings a great deal of satisfaction to the Directors and staff alike.

The Directors and staff are absolutely delighted in having the manner in which we act on behalf of our clients formally acknowledged in this way by the NSW Business Chamber with the cornerstone of our values firmly based upon uncompromising honesty and integrity.

Everingham Solomons looks forward to representing the New England and North West as a State Finalist in Sydney at the NSW Business Chamber Awards at the end of November 2013.

We acknowledge with gratitude the continuing support of all our clients many of whom have become our active advocates to those in need of legal services.  For all those special people we sincerely thank you.

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