Let me introduce myself.

My name is Mark Johnson and I am very pleased to have just joined Everingham Solomons in the position of Special Counsel.

Everingham Solomons is a very good law firm.  I know this because I have a great deal of experience of lawyers and law firms.  After graduating from the University of Sydney, I was admitted as a Solicitor in December 1976.  From the date of my admission until a few weeks ago, I practised continuously as a Solicitor in the CBD of Sydney.   For 25 years, I was a partner of Holman Webb, a mid tier firm.  When I first joined John Holman and Doug Webb, the firm was approximately half the size that Everingham Solomons is now.  So, I did a bit of everything but my preference was for litigation and I have been a specialist commercial litigator for many years.

I have acted for many corporations and individuals in all kinds of contentious matters.  I have acted for banks and finance companies, insurance companies, property developers, construction companies, a trade union and an American toy manufacturer, a German pharmaceutical company and an Italian metal manufacturer.   I have acted for individuals alleged to be stand over men, insider traders and stock market manipulators.  I have also acted for many individuals with all sorts of problems with landlords, bureaucrats, family, neighbours and the police.

I came to Tamworth because I have family here, because my three children are grown up, because I wanted to escape the clamour of the city and because I wanted to join Everingham Solomons.  It is an excellent firm.  I look forward to working with the Directors Terry Broomfield, Ken Sorrenson, John Boag, Terry Robinson, Jennifer Blissett and Mark Grady and the Solicitors and staff and that I can contribute to the maintenance of the firm’s standards of excellence in providing legal services to its clients because Helping You is Our Business.

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