Our Fees

At Everingham Solomons, we endeavour to provide you with a clear understanding of all costs.

We will discuss our charges during your initial consultation and, where appropriate, a costs agreement will be provided.

Services are generally provided on a fixed-fee basis or at an agreed hourly rate.

Hourly rates are determined according to the skill and experience of the individual solicitor. If it is not possible to predict the time involved, we will provide an estimate of the final cost. If the matter takes a long time to resolve or complete, we will advise you of your options.


Disbursements (Out-of-Pocket Expenses) 

Expenses incurred on your behalf are referred to as disbursements, and may include the cost of mandatory property searches or acquiring certificates from government authorities. Most disbursements are levied by government authorities and are beyond our control.

We may ask you to contribute towards the cost of disbursements at the outset.


We Do Not Charge For
Bank cheques for conveyancing settlements

Bank cheques may be required for settlement to cover the vendor, real estate agent, local council or other solicitors. We do not pass on the charges incurred in generating a bank cheque.