NSW Introduces Mandatory Interlock Orders for Mid-Range Drink Driving Offences – Megan Jury

MJTougher penalties for drink-driving offences came into effect in NSW aimed at reducing trauma on our roads. The changes are particularly significant for those convicted of first-time mid-range offences i.e. a blood alcohol reading between 0.08 and 0.149 and no convictions of a similar kind or major drink-drive offences in the previous 5 years.

Penalties from 3 December 2018

If you are convicted of a first-time mid-range drink driving offence committed on or after 3 December 2018 the court must now order you to participate in the interlock program for a minimum 12 months and disqualify you from driving for a minimum 6 months.… Read More

Debtor Control – A Key to Business Survival

MJEvery business relies on cash flow to survive. It matters not whether you have the best prices, products and/or customer service: if you don’t learn how to properly maintain cash flow, your business will eventually fail. By taking a proactive approach to debtor control you can improve your business’s cash flow and enhance its profitability.

Preventing Bad Debts

Ensure you manage the risk of bad debts by implementing a clear payment and credit policy. Consider:

  1. Performing a credit check on potential debtors:-
    1. Consider having them sign a credit application form or credit agreement
    2. Conduct a pre-credit data check or/and ask for trade references
  2. Setting clear payment terms:-
    1. e.g.
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Welcome Megan

MJMy name is Megan Jury and I recently joined the team at Everingham Solomons as a Solicitor.

I graduated from UNE in 2014 with a Bachelor of Criminology and graduated with a Juris Doctor from Macquarie University in 2017. I was admitted as a Solicitor in June 2018 after completing my Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice through the College of Law.

Originally from New Zealand, my husband was born and raised in Tamworth and has served in the Royal Australian Navy for many years. We have raised three outstanding daughters, one of whom is a casual secondary school teacher in Tamworth.… Read More