SMHIf you wish to purchase land you are required under the Duties Act 1997 to complete a Purchaser/s Declaration. This Declaration is completed by each person entering into a transaction that results in the acquisition of an interest in land in New South Wales.

The purpose of this Declaration is:-

* Commonwealth Reporting Requirements is to collect and report to the Australian     Taxation Office information on transfers of land in NSW;

* Surcharge Purchaser Duty is to inform the Duties Office whether a transaction is subject to surcharge purchaser duty; and

* Surcharge Land Tax is to identify foreign persons for surcharge land tax purposes.

The supporting evidence required for an individual purchaser/transferee are:-

* If an Australian citizen, a certified copy of your Birth Certificate or Australian Passport or Australian Citizenship Certificate.

* If a New Zealand citizen, a certified copy of New Zealand Passport and evidence of holding a special category visa within the meaning of Section 32 of the Migration Act 1958.

A person who is ordinarily a resident in Australia requires:

* Certified copy of Foreign Passport with your current visa

* Movement records from immigration for the 12 month period preceding the date of agreement.

It is therefore important to bring your original Birth Certificate (or equivalent document mentioned above) when meeting with your solicitor/conveyancer for a transaction involving acquiring an interest in land.

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